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The browlift, also known as brow lamination, is our most popular treatment. Create fuller and more in shape brows with the brow lamination treatment. During this treatment we lift your hairs upwards, using different serums. This treatment is perfect for messy brows or hairs that grow downwards, to get your brows more in shape.

The browlift works wonders on thin brows to create a fuller look, but is also gorgeous on thicker brows to make them fluffy. The treatment can be done naturally, but if you like a bit more fluffiness, that's also possible!

You will still be able to brush through your brows after this treatment. Just brush them in the preferred position every morning & that's it! Results stay 6-8 weeks.

During the treatment we use different serums to set your brows into shape. Normally the brow hairs are growing down a bit, but after the treatment your hairs will go upwards and sidewards more, which gives you that lifted eye-look. We always personalize your browlift, up to your personal needs. If you wish to get your brows tinted or waxed, everything is possible. We like to keep your brows as natural as possible and as full as possible. The treatment does not harm your brows.

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This treatment gives your lashes a curl and makes them look longer. The lashlift treatment accentuates your eyes and will leave you fuller, longer and curly lashes. The treatment is suitable for both short and long lashes. During the lashlift we can also tint your lashes, to make sure your eyes will pop even more!

No mascara is needed after this treatment for around 6 weeks. This treament is perfect if you don't want to wear mascara everyday, or just wanna save time in the morning. Just brush through your lashes in the morning and you're good to go!

The lashlift is a treatment for your natural lashes, without using extensions. It is perfect to combine the lashlift with your browlift. Book our combo treatment and save money!

During the treatment we place silicone pads on the eyelids. These pads take the shape of your eyelid, making them match perfectly to the curve of your lashes. The lashes are attached to the silicone pad and treated with different serums. They will be tinted, which gives a mascara effect. It also makes the lashes look even longer and thicker. This treatment does not harm your lashes and has the biggest advantage that you do not have to touch up your lashes for weeks.

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