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our story

Browhouse started her journey in 2016. The beauty brand, which at first only offered beauty treatments, has expanded to an online beauty platform for everyone. Browhouse is known as thé beauty specialist of the biggest Dutch influencers. 

Treatments, mostly for brows, are done in our studio in Amsterdam. Your cosmetic essentials are available in our online shop. This way you can enjoy salon quality at your own home. Our brow studio is open for appointments.

Our brow kits are the first developed kits in The Netherlands and we're kind of proud on that :) The kit is for everyone who don't have lots of time to go to the beauty salon, for everyone who loves to do their own beauty rituals because she knows her face best and for everyone who loves luxury. The kits are exclusively available on the Browhouse website.

Keep an eye on our website for new products and get in touch daily on @browhouse and @fabienneoonk.



About Fabienne Oonk

Browhouse started for Fabienne Oonk as a passion for beauty. 

From small treatments at clients home, to enlarging the number of clients, to being thé beauty specialist of all big Dutch influencers, staff and an own webshop. 

'I want to share my passion for beauty with everyone, that's why our products are easy to use for all customers'.